Why We Love Global

It’s SPRING at Qualesce, and we are growing very quickly as we continue to attract amazing clients. We are recruiting the best and brightest independent contractors and employees, and they are coming from the most interesting places. Our main locations are in India, Costa Rica and the US, our our headquarters is in Dallas, Texas – which is one of the most exciting, fast growing, diverse and revolutionary cities in the world. There are hundreds of technology companies in Dallas, and thousands of start-ups, incredible universities, incubators, and non-profit organizations thriving in an environment that rewards innovation.

The Qualesce vibe has to do with thinking of our culture and community as truly global and inclusive. Because we stay connected using the best collaboration platforms out there, using video and screen sharing for example 24 hours a day (following the sun!), we literally feel as if we are in the same physical offices. Our team in Texas gets to “travel” to India or Costa Rica, or to our customer’s sites – and that is really fun. We don’t need to get on an airplane to do this – though we do love getting together in person from time to time in the “3D” world….

We feel truly blessed to be able to put together teams of colleagues from different backgrounds, different ethnicities, different interests, languages, tastes for music and film. What’s most cool is when we realize we have kids the same age, and what’s meaningful is that when one of us loses a parent, or is heartbroken by another event in their lives, or is impacted by a disaster or act of terrorism – we are just as compassionate and caring for each other as we would be if we worked in the same office, lived in the same city, or even on the same block.

Quality is everywhere – it just needs to be remembered. Staying in a state of quality consciousness – whether we are building quality software, quality products, quality platforms, or quality relationships – enables us to be concentrate on the details. Supporting each other and backing each other up, come a time when a colleague or client or partner needs time away for family, for example, is also part of creating quality. Our name comes from the combination of Quality and Essence – Qualesce, a Latin world but a global brand.

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IoT Insights from IoT Evolution

IoT Insights from IoT Evolution

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