Heading into the New Year, the Qualesce team thanks our loyal customers and brilliant partners for a first year in business that exceeded our expectations and inspired us to continually focus on this one thing: QUALITY.

We have learned as much from our customers and partners as we have shared, and on this first working day of 2017, are sharing the “collective widsom” with five important trends that we believe are the guideposts for lasting success as the IT and telecom industries continue to transform at an unprecedented pace.

A: Agile
From Software Development Life Cycles to Project Delivery and ongoing management – everything has to be agile – flexible – fast – fail-fast – and continually “course correcting.”

B: Bots
Bots are manifesting everywhere. From chat bots to shopping bots to micro bots, these little helpers are “micro cognitive agents” that will start showing up everywhere this year, tackling mundane tasks and helping humans learn. It’s the evolution of web-based cookies which is caching consumers’ preferences for better digital experiences.

C: Cyber Security
Prepare for the worst. Watch as vulnerability research and penetration testing take center stage. Expect new breakthroughs in managing identities, with simpler, new modes of authentication.

D: Data
The explosion of data will continue. Real-time data analytics and stochastic processing is going to start taking center stage. Stochastic processing is going to be critical to condense the data to relevant data that will be actionable. Just look at the world of IoT. 50 billion devices are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020 and each device will be sending 1 terabyte of data every day. 50 billion x 1 terabyte generates enough data to kill the cloud. We need real time data analytics and stochastic processing to process such a large volume of data.

E: Everywhere
Simply being mobile is not going to be good enough. Companies will need to be omni-channel from day-one, and omnipresent.

And finally, “I”: Internet
“Best effort Internet” is about to become better than ever. Expensive, complex private networking solutions will start to give way to a new level of Internetworking, Interworking and Interconnection as software defined network technology makes it possible to deliver faster and more secure communications through overlay technologies unlike any algorithmic “routing” we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

Fasten your seatbelts for another year of blazing innovation and collaboration ahead!