Real-Time Everything

A lot of Team Q are parents of teenagers and college students, and fascinated by the new levels of expectation in a world of “Now.” Being in the moment is always a good thing, but the definition of that is becoming less meditative and more about being able to access and be accessed in real time. There’s not much more to say about how the new generation lives on their smartphones. Our generation had a little to do with it – we helped invent them, create applications for them, connect them, and mass produce them so that nearly everybody can afford devices and services. And while we constantly have to remind our kids – and ourselves – to put our devices down, we are encouraged that there are so many benefits to the connected world of everything all the time and in real time. Think about the advances in smart health, for example – tracking our daily habits in the hopes of turning them into the best habits and healthy lifestyles. Think about the advances in convenience – where would we be, literally, without GPS?

Today at Qualesce we are seeing an influx of interest in business applications that include more and more real time capabilities. And most of those are “embedded.” What this means is that we’re seeing requests to add in messaging to workflow and CRM applications so people can get questions answered by a live person in a second with one click on a live support button. No dialing an 800 number. No sending an email and hoping somebody responds. Just click on a page – and wait for the routing software to return with an expert giving voice, text or even video help. How convenient is that – for both the consumer and the brand who provides those experts? Think of the data that is being captured and can be used to continually improve “customer service.”

Real Time Communications is changing by the day, getting better by the hour – and aligned with Real Time Computing, Real Time Collaborating, Real Time Creativity, Real Time – All the Time! Perhaps the most magic is in how all these will be blended together to create simply awesome – in the moment – experiences.

Let us know what you think!

Team Q

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