Today, Qualesce signed an agreement to acquire a software development, testing, and quality assurance company in Costa Rica, enabling us to expand our ability to deliver the highest quality services to to our rapidly expanding customer base. We will launch these services August 15, adding tremendous benefits for our team here in the US and of course our customers who will benefit from the talent, economics and time zone alignment.

I was in Costa Rica last week, meeting with a number of companies and the Costa Rican government, and learned a lot about the investment the country is making in education, entrepreneurship and energizing their economy by focusing on the technology industry. In fact, Costa Rica’s Gross Domestic Product is calculated with – and without – Intel!

We are proud to be part of the digital transformation of Costa Rica, while we continue to build our company as a global citizen, matching needs of our customers to talents and skills in the US, India and Costa Rica. We plan to continue exploring other places in the world as more and more individuals passionate about the promise of prosperity through technology development continue to join the work force.

Here are some of the the advantages of Near Shore:

1.  Same time-zone as EST/CST
2.  A 4 hour flight from our Dallas headquarters
3.  A rich talent pool available for Angular JS, Ruby on Rails, Java, .Net, Big Data, among other technologies….
4.  Significantly less expensive then on-shore costs
5.  Great English and Spanish-speaking skills

In addition, Qualesce is making a substantial investment in the following:

1.  Six-sigma based quality initiatives
2.  Agile development processes
3.  Seasoned project management experience
4.  Customer communication skills
5.  Technology boot-camps

We’ll share more with you next month as we officially launch this exciting initiative, while also sharing with you new solutions we’ve been working on in collaboration with our growing partner ecosystem and our customers.