Once In A Lifetime Opportunities

Team Q is so very honored today to be part of a project that could change forever how emergency medicine is practiced in the near future. Our inspired client and true partner, TeleMedCo are demonstrating a system powered by IBM Watson that will make it possible to rapidly and accurately triage people coming into busy emergency rooms and assist the medical staff in providing diagnosis and care with information instantly presented through TeleMedCo’s Hippocratic Code platform.

The brainchild of three co-founders – Dr. Tina Miranda, Dr. Ronald Klatz, and Barry Solomon – TeleMedCo’s software interface to IBM Watson is being designed and developed to pervasively assist doctors by handling lower level patients from diagnosis to prescription or treatment recommendations and by processing an approved e-script and coding and billing the entire visit, while also triggering immediate human intervention based on the information, analysis and “rules” built into the software.

And it’s important – more and more people are visiting ERs, with fewer doctors available to serve them. Wait times are increasing, and people are suffering. This is not the fault of the medical staff in busy ERs – we simply need to find more efficient ways to assist ER teams in pulling together relevant information in real time, making it possible to do more with less.

And do better – with IBM Watson’s cognitive processing capabilities, along with extremely fast and secure access to x-rays and other patient data – outcomes can be improved.

Qualesce has been building the prototype which we are demonstrating at Perspectives 16, a VIP invitation only conference sponsored by GENBAND where over 700 communications professionals from around the world are gathering this week in Orlando.

We’re there thanks to our mutual partnership with Kandy, a communications as a service platform that is making immediate collaboration possible – triggered by an event. For example, a cardiologist can “subscribe” to his or her patients and receive a secure text message when a patient is admitted to the ER – and with one touch can initiate a voice or video consultation in seconds.

And when lives are on the line, seconds matter.

Meaningful work like this is what gets us up early in the morning at Qualesce – we’re all about quality, including quality of life which is where TeleMedCo, IBM Watson, Kandy and other partners joining in the near future meet.


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