The Economics of Enterprise Network Transformation

When it comes to making “the move” of enterprise real time communication networks to the cloud, it takes true partnership. Regardless of where an enterprise IT team may be in the life cycle of their IP network, including the convergence of all voice, video and collaboration services, thinking about the cloud for more than just traditional computing applications has never been more important.


Because after years of development, of R&D and testing…after years of continued investments in faster, more pervasive and affordable fiber optic networks, interconnected with mobile networks – the quality available today is continually better, continually more reliable, and continually accessible.

It is also becoming more economical with the right strategy and mix.

Why slow roll the inevitable? Moving from analog to digital to IP-PBX to UC and then to the cloud has been pondered and acted on by IT teams for the last ten years, particularly in the large enterprise space in industries where real time applications are mission critical.

Now, the facts are in: Cloud-based Real Time Communications (RTC) services are often more reliable, with higher audio and video quality than legacy.

But the transition is as important as the transformation – so not a single important business conversation is lost.

Like any technology that is rolled out at scale, the quality of the underlying platform cannot be fully leveraged without the right implementation partners. While Communications Cloud networks require less engineering, and can be acquired with little or no Capex as a result – the best RTC cloud deployments have rock solid “A” team partners behind them.

Now, the facts are in: Cloud-based Real Time Communications (RTC) services are often more reliable, with higher audio and video quality than legacy.

If “nirvana” to an IT team wold be high definition audio – no one-way voice issues – no call drops – and tighter SLAs…

If “nirvana” to the executives and all end-users in the enterprises those IT teams serve would be never having to worry about quality – in our “it just works” world…

Then moving to the Communications Cloud with a great partner – the right partner – is key. Partners who have the experience and have made their own investments in ensuring an excellent technology platform, enhanced with a dedicated and customer focused managed services team, can make a huge difference in the “leapfrogging” into the Cloud in and end-user friendly way.

Depending on the size of an enterprise, the industry they are in, how much existing infrastructure they have in place, how much they rely on contact centers, and more…transformation to the cloud immediately may require more steps. That said, with the Communications as a Service platforms and their ability to hook into application servers, directories, and end-points, “leaping” can be the less risky path with the right partners in place.

The economics? Stunning. It really is possible to save millions of dollars on multi-million dollar global networks, while increasing quality, security and even compliance in financial services, healthcare and government settings. We’ve done the math, have our “calculator” ready, and we’d love to share all the benefits of your potential move to the cloud for real time applications including communications with you, even as you and your company prepare your budgets for 2017 and beyond.