Today, more than ever, IT teams supporting financial services institutions are under pressure to control spending, while ensuring networks and applications perform in real time, all the time. No other industry is as subject to competition, regulatory change, and economic volatility, and the steady but slow recovery from a massive global recession has not helped.

The good news is, with advancements in cloud and virtualization, including the maturation of software for access, identity, security, management and reporting – all in real time – banks, brokerages, lenders, credit card providers, and insurance companies who make up the massive financial industry have better choices for infrastructure and communications.

Modern approaches and platforms that enable dynamic business operations, including clouds and hybrid clouds with software-defined networking (SDN), add up to responsive and reliable infrastructures making it possible to navigate and succeed in today’s global, competitive, increasingly regulated markets.

Yesterday’s static data center networking models required time-consuming, ongoing and often flawed manual programming that took months or years, slowing down availability of services. With increasing pressure from business units, IT teams have scrambled to support cloud applications that securely scale to support distributed and often global organizations.

Today, however, data center infrastructure can now leverage virtualized, software-defined networking (SDN), paving the way to automation, systems management, and innovation. As needs change and demands for computing fluctuate, networks can now be tailored to meet local, national and global requirements.

In addition to the their core needs, financial services firms also are facing massive competitive threats from major investments in and roll outs of payments companies and even banking services companies including Apple Pay, Google Android Pay, PayPal, Bitcoin and mobile service providers, who are forcing them to become agile – fast.

More good news – cloud-enabled financial services applications can now be built and delivered from a flexible and scalable platform able to absorb regulatory demands, ensuring risk management and compliance. Policy-based private and open hybrid clouds built with software-defined networking are programmable including exceptionally strong security.

Our team at Qualesce is working across many projects in the financial services arena, bringing agile, flexible, and automated workflows, and scalable SDN infrastructure expertise, helping IT teams:

-Launch network services for cloud applications faster
-Reduce operational costs
-Ensure security and compliance
-Scale up and down
-Make management, help desk, resolution and reporting exponentially easier

Bringing together applications and the network, service delivery and quality of service using programmable business logic, rules and policy engines, and the “best of” infrastructure and software vendors, Qualesce is working every day to help our clients make a huge difference for the financial services companies they support.


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